The Siy Cha Group of Companies is a dynamic conglomerate involved in motorcycle dealerships, distribution, logistics, hardware and financing. SCGC employs competent and professional people assigned in its Head Office and in over a hundred branch offices and locations in various cities and municipalities all over the Philippines.

Integrity – Doing the right things even when no one is looking.
Teamwork – Putting team success before self.
Humility – Keeping an open mind and heart to listen, understand and learn.
Hardwork – Going beyond one’s capacity to deliver good results.
Responsibility – Taking charge.
Quality Awareness – Striving excellence in everything one does.
Customer Service – Putting customer needs above all else.

Be the leading institution in providing financing services in the pursuit of uplifting Filipino lives.

Team Members - Develop happy, productive and competent employees who are rewarded fairly and given the opportunity to grow.
Customers - Establish a continuous healthy relationship with customers through fair quality and professional delivery of service.
Creditors and Suppliers - Maintain a mutually beneficial and healthy business partnership with creditors and suppliers bound by respect, fairness and professionalism.
Shareholders - Give back to our investors/shareholders their fair return.
Community - Create employment and livelihood opportunities by providing affordable financing to every Filipino family.
Country - Love our country by obeying the laws of the land.